My short experience with iPad :)

The overwhelming increase in the popularity of iPad is truly amazing. Everyone today is interested in having this quality gadget, but the problem is that not many can afford it at an asking price of $500. However, if you want this amazing gadget from Apple, you can try a few other ways.
Like everyone else, I’ve always wished to lay my hands on this new offering from Apple. I knew from the very start that I might have to stop using my pocket money for a few months at a stretch to own an iPad. What I was completely unaware of was the fact that I can actually have the pleasure of using this sophisticated gadget free of charge. Yes, it is very much possible to have it for free.
While my love for this gadget was developing by the day, I was actively searching for a good way to get it. It was just one of those ways when everything goes well for you when I bumped into a quality site, Just after I found this site, I came to know that there are several sites with free iPad giveaways. I was very happy and started comparing this site with some others. It didn’t take me long to gather the fact that this site was much better than the others.
The reason was that you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to join them. In fact, I was pretty happy and surprised at the same time to see that all I had to do to be a part of them was to answer a few very simple questions. It was basically an IQ test. Those who really don’t have good general knowledge should not fear thinking that it’s an IQ test and they cannot score well. Even I was having the same kind of doubt, but then I decided to take a chance; after all, I had nothing to lose.
Just when I saw the first question, my eyes started glowing with excitement. Yeah, it was as simple as telling them the month that has 28 days. Wow! Could this be any simpler than this? I believe not! One by one, I answered all multiple choice questions, entered the details of my cell phone carrier, received my results on my phone, and waited for things to unfold. The very next day, I was shocked to see that my scores were amongst the top scorers and I was awarded with a free iPad.
Today, I watch movies, read books, and do a lot of other things on my iPad. It feels extremely good to have it, especially when you don’t have to pay a penny to win it.